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Adult and Senior Competition in Philadelphia

Best of Philly!

They’re the best adult tournament players in the Philadelphia Area Tennis District. They finished the 2015 tournament season with the #1 ranking for their age divisions. They were recognized at a special Awards Brunch at Green Valley Country Club on March 6, 2016.
Congratulations to this year’s top ranked adult tournament competitors!

PATD #1 Ranking in 2015

Andrew Bauer                   Mens Singles 35                   Julia Cohen                    Womens Open Singles

James Boettcher               Mens 45 Singles                   Aino Soderhielm          Womens 45 Singles, NTRP 4.0 Singles

Richard Cohen                  Mens 40 Singles                    Nancy Plum                   Womens 55 Singles

Paul Edwards                     Mens 4.0 NTRP Singles       Michelle Avery             Womens 55 Doubles

Ken Harmon                       Mens 55 Singles                   Constance Foreman    Womens 55 Doubles

Richard King                      Mens 50 Singles                    Rachel Lebiedzinski     Mixed Open Doubles

Don Landis                         Mens 80 Singles

Wenjue Liu                         Mens 4.5 NTRP Singles

Punch Maleka                    Mens Open Singles

Norman Neurell                Mens 70 Singles

Timothy Pope                    Mens 45 Doubles, Mens 55 Doubles

Christopher Racz              Mens Open Singles

Don Ringgold                     Mens 60 Singles, Mens 55 Doubles

Michael Torrence             Mens 65 Singles

Leroy Waller                      Mens 45 Doubles

Andy Yates                         Mens 75 Singles

Carl Pierce                          Mens Open Doubles

Ed Whinney                        Mens Open Doubles

Rich Willis                           Mixed Open Doubles