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2004 Gold Cup Tournament Winners

The 2004 Gold Cup season wrapped up in April with 2 separate Boys and Girls tournaments held at Wayne Swim & Tennis and Gulph Mills JKST.

Congratulations to this year's winners!

Girls 12s: 
Winner:  Clare Uhle,  Finalist:  Caroline Sutherland

Girls 14s:
Winner:  Lauren Bridges, Finalist:  Nupur Shridhar

Girls 16s:
Winner:  Maggie Mullaney, Finalist:  Katie Cullum

Girls 18s:
Winner:  Kim Le, Finalist Saradlyne Etienne

Boys 12s:
Winner:  Eric Ripkin, Finalist:  Branford Jones

Boys 14s:
Winner:  Riley Baver, Finalist:  Eric Goldwein

Boys 16s: 
Winner:  Kyle MacLelland, Finalist:  Robert Goldwein

Boys 18s:
Winner:  Justin Landis, Finalist:  Brad Speiser