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2005 USA League Section Rules


Completed individual matches will stand as played. Incomplete matches must be continued by the same players and resumed at the exact score - set, game point - as they stood when halted (any point played is always counted and never replayed). If teams have assembled to play and the beginning of the match is delayed by rain or wet courts, teams must wait no longer than one hour past the originally scheduled time for the start of the first match to determine if the courts are playable. If courts are still not playable after one hour has elapsed, teams are free to leave and reschedule, unless BOTH captains agree to wait longer. (Note ** under Substitutions)

Championship Levels

Team Format The championship format from Areas on will be:

Adult League ....................... 2 singles / 3 doubles

Adult 2.5 & 5.0..................... 1 singles / 2 doubles

Senior League...................................... 3 doubles

Mixed & Super Sr. ... 3 doubles-combined ratings

These formats are recommended for local leagues. Players may play at more than one level at any championship.

NTRP Disqualification

During Local League: If a computer-rated player is disqualified, no matches will be reversed. If a self-rated player or a player who appealed his computer rating is disqualified, the last three matches played shall be considered losses for the disqualified player and shall be considered wins for the opposing player or doubles team.

During championship competition in a round robin format if a player meets the disqualification criteria, all matches played by the player shall be considered losses and those matches shall be considered wins for the opposing player or doubles team.

In a single elimination format, the last individual match played by the player shall be considered a loss by the player and a win for the opposing player or doubles team.

Grievance, Appeals and NTRP Appeals Procedures

The USTA/Middle States section has established grievance and appeal committees. Contact your Local League Coordinator for the appropriate names and addresses.

Procedures for filing grievances related to Local, Area and Section play shall follow the rules established in the USA League Tennis 2005 Regulations.

Grievance “Written formal complaint regarding an alleged violation of regulation or procedure.”

Appeal “Request for reconsideration of a previous decision, determination or finding.”

Player Review: A procedure that gives the captain of a team the opportunity to request that an opponent's record be checked to determine the status of the NTRP level of the player.

NTRP Appeal " A written request by a player to change his/her own published rating." Current year-end ratings can be found by going to middlestates.usta.com and choosing USA League Tennis from the menu at left and then "Ratings" or by going to http://national.usta.com and choosing "Find a Rating" on the right.

A player may appeal his/her own computer rating by sending e-mail to baird@ms.usta.com.

DEFINE . . .“Start of match”:

“...start of match” is defined as the first serve attempt

on each individual court.

1288 Valley Forge Road

P. O. Box 987/Suite 74

Valley Forge, PA 19482


610-935-5484 (fax)


USTA/Middle States

Sectional Rules

Adult, Senior, Super Senior and Mixed

These rules are intended to supplement and be subordinate to the USA League Tennis 2005 Regulations. These rules and regulations must not contradict but may amplify USA League Tennis 2005 Regulations.

The USTA Rules of Tennis, USTA Regulations, and The Code will apply unless altered by the above.

Area/Local Rules and Regulations may be developed to supplement the USTA National and USTA/MS Sectional Rules and Regulations. The Section office must approve any Area Rules and Regulations. The Area Rules and Regulations must not contradict National or Sectional established rules and regulations.

In all matches played without officials, the USTA “Code” of Conduct shall be observed.

Rule changes & clarifications are underlined. (rev:1/05)


The league is open to private outdoor and indoor clubs, public parks & recreation departments, and groups of individuals forming their own team.

Each team member must be a member of the USTA throughout the entire league season.

Players may participate on more than one team pursuant to National rules.

Areas may limit the number of team members from one team permitted to play together on another team. Areas imposing such restrictions are responsible for identifying and monitoring such activity in their area. Areas are responsible for establishing and imposing penalties upon those players who violate area rules.

Court Availability

Each area may establish a minimum number of courts.


The combined ratings of individual doubles teams shall not exceed the team NTRP level. Partners may not be more than 1.0 apart.


Each team must have a captain or designated co-captain present at each match who will be the only official spokesperson for that team. The captain or designated co-captain will do all correspondence/ communica-tions, etc.

Each team must provide an e-mail address of the captain or designee to receive notices and for ease of contact. Districts may amend this rule.

Conflict of Interest: League Coordinators and other USTA/MS or Area officials, who are also team captains, must have a designated co-captain to handle all grievances, appeals, NTRP challenges and disqualifications. This is to avoid any conflict of interest.

Penalty System

The USTA Point Penalty System for lateness will be in effect unless amended in the Area Rules. Starting with the Area Championships the USTA Point Penalty System will be in effect.

Under 5 minutes............................. Toss 1 game

5 to 10 min................................ Toss 2 games

10 to 15 min................................ Toss 3 games

over 15 min............................................... Default

Warm-up: Warm-up including serves must be taken before the match begins. Warm-up should be no longer than 10 minutes. Players are always entitled to warm-up. Warm-up is never forfeited because of lateness.

Roster Additions/Deletions

Each Area will establish a final date for players to register for league participation. All players must register through TennisLink before playing in a team match. A coordinator must be notified before match play of any difficulties experienced in registration. A player may transfer to a different team up to the final date for registration provided that individual has not played a match or received credit for a default. Refunds will not be given after the league season starts.

Team Match Scoring System

Local league play: The scoring system must be determined before the start of the local league season and stated in writing.

Area and Sectionals: Best of two (2) tiebreak sets will be played. In lieu of a third set a “Match tiebreak” (first to l0 by 2 points) shall be played at the Mixed, Adult, Senior and Super Senior Area and Sectional Championships.

Match Schedule

The Local League Coordinators (LLC) shall establish match schedules. In case of staggered matches, team captains must agree in advance on the order and starting time for each individual match. Generally TWO (2) hours should be allotted for each court match.


Team captains shall exchange lineups simultaneously PRIOR to the scheduled start time of a team match.

Match results must be reported within 72 hours to TennisLink. BOTH Captains are respon-sible to report their match results.

All scheduled matches must be completed and scores reported to TennisLink. Teams that do not comply with this requirement will not advance to any championship level.


No substitutions may be made in an individual match after the lineup has been presented and before the first serve attempt except for injury to, illness of, or disqualification of a player.

** EXCEPTION: When a match is postponed to another day and an individual match has not started (as defined previously) a captain may change the lineup for any such match.

Defaults and Forfeits

Only one forfeited/defaulted match for the player(s) receiving it may count toward the two 2-match eligibility requirement for advancing to Championship levels of play.


All local matches will be played on the scheduled dates unless the Local League Coordinator (LLC) approves a change. The LLC shall establish a deadline for team captains to reschedule all postponed matches. If team captains cannot agree on a rescheduling within that deadline, the LLC shall select the date and time. If neither team appears on that established date and time, a double default will be entered in the system.

Postponements for any reason other than rain or at the request of a captain whose team advances to a championship of another league program (i.e. mixed doubles) require the approval of the LLC.