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2005 Captain's Responsibilities


Team captains should be participating members of a local league team and should be familiar with the structure and procedure of the league, the rules and guidelines as well as the USTA League Regulations and Rules of Tennis.


¨ Attend all local league meetings.

¨ Recruit enough players necessary to complete the season.

¨ Insure that all players meet eligibility requirements.

¨ Distribute all materials to team members including:

¨ TennisLink fact sheet

¨ Schedule of play.

¨ National regulations.

¨ Making sure your teammates are registered before playing a match.

¨ Teams must have the following minimum number of players registered by the deadline provided in order to be put on the schedule:

USTA Adult League 3.0 - 4.5 - 8 per team USTA Senior League 3.0 - 4.5 - 6 per team

USTA Adult 2.5, 5.0 - 5 per team USTA Mixed League 5.0-10.0 - 6 per team


Additional players may still be added to existing teams through the deadline established by the individual USTA/ MS districts.

Once play begins players may not be deleted from a team.

¨ Make team members aware of all USTA national, sectional, district and local league regulations.

¨ Confirm home matches and contact opposing team captains to confirm date and time of match. This should be done at least 4 days prior to scheduled match.

¨ Assist coordinator in rescheduling postponed or delayed matches.

¨ Report match results via TennisLink promptly (within 48 hours).

¨ Organize all materials necessary for the team’s participation at the championship level.


· Show your commitment to fellow players on the team by being willing to complete season under all circumstances.

· Be responsible for your personal registration through TennisLink by the deadline provided by your captain.

· Let your captain know the dates you will be unavailable to play. Block out the district, sectional and national playoff dates on your calendar.

· Be knowledgeable of the Rules of Tennis and The Code as well as USTA national, sectional and district regulations.

· Always be on time.

· Be supportive of your teammates.

· Remember the main objective of the league program is fun.