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2005 Freedoms Scrapbook

5/12/2005 4:35:00 PMKidcaster Contest at Bloomingdales yesrightyes 300400 img_155_226.jpg0.1136,0.0782,0.6651,0.8882nono Kate Wisniewski and Maya Cryor are named 2005 WTT Philadelphia Freedoms Kidcasters. Luke Jensen joined by Comcast's Derrick Gunn and a panel of judges to select this years winners in a Kidcaster Contest outside Bloomingdales at the King of Prussia Mall in May. As winners, Kate and Maya get to "call the shots" at a Freedoms home match this summer.
Luke Jensen with Fox Chase

WTT Ambassador Luke Jensen teams up with Fox Chase to promote health, fitness, and tennis in March. Fox Chase celebrates its 5th year as a sponsor of the WTT Philadelphia Freedoms.

WTT's Luke Jensen Clinic

To kick off the 5 year anniversary partnership, Jensen gave a private clinic to Fox Chase executives, Freedoms sponsors and box seat holders at JKST Tennis Club in Gulph Mills.