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2006 Kidcasters

Venus Williams

Venus Williams is an idol for most young, aspiring tennis fans. But for Shaquille Vaughn of Philadelphia and Dylan Kady of Bucks County, Venus Williams is going to be someone much more personal!

2006 WTT Philadelphia Freedoms Kidcasters

2006 WTT Philadelphia Freedoms Kidcasters
© 2006 Freedoms Kidcasters

This summer, Shaquille and Dylan will get to MEET Venus and interview her at a WTT Philadelphia Freedoms match! They won the honor at this year's Freedoms "Kidcaster Contest" at Bloomingdales at the King of Prussia Mall.

"I've always wanted a chance to meet Venus," said an excited 12 year old Shaquille Vaughn.
"In the woman's category, she's my favorite player."

"It's pretty incredible," agreed Dylan Kady, a 14 year old 8th grader from Holland Middle School in Bucks County. "I'm not really sure what I'm going to ask her yet, but it will definately be something that no one has ever asked her before!"

Dylan and Shaquille were chosen from a field of 11 contestants. French Open Champion Luke Jensen guided the juniors in reading a prepared 20 second sportscript. Comcast Sportsnet's Dee Lynam did post audition interviews and offered moral support.

A panel of five judges rated the contestants on poise, delivery and spontaneity. Shaquille's spontaneous "improv" with imaginary breaking news about Luke Jensen had the audience cheering. "I just got the idea suddenly," said an animated Shaquille. "I'm so excited, nervous and happy."

Kady says his "booming" delivery probably gave him the biggest edge. "I used to be an actor when I was little so it comes naturally. It was definately alot of fun, even more fun than I thought it would be."

Shaquille and Kady will get their moment with Venus at the July 21st Freedoms homematch at Cabrini College.

Both Middle School students are avid tennis fans and players. Shaquille says he's playing tournament level tennis and training at Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education Center. Kady, ranked 5th in Middle States, works out at Ashe as well and claims he practically grew up on a tennis court watching his mother play.

Both boys hope to get some good tennis tips from one of the greatest female tennis players on the circuit....not to mention memories that last a lifetime.