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2007 Black Tennis Foundation Fundraiser

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As a youngster growing up in Washington during the turbulent 50's, Bernie Chavis knew first hand the obstacles facing black youth. "We had separate schools for black kids, separate schools for white kids," Bernie remembers. "I wasn't allowed to eat in a restaurant downgtown. I couldn't even go downtown to watch a movie."

Today, Bernie commits his time and energy to make sure doors are open to Philadelphia's young people and in particular, athletes of color. He does this through an organization he founded: the Black Tennis Foundation of Philadelphia.

"We help pay kids' tournament entry fees and give them scholarships," says Bernie. "We also provide tutoring and act as a general resource for upcoming tennis youth."

In September, the BTFP held a gala dinner and tournament event to help raise money for the organization's cause.

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USTA Middle States President Malcolm Riley and his wife, Earline were among those attending along with PATD President Marie Seward, PATD Vice President Rose Weinstein, Tennis Service Representative Kitty Perrin and PATD Board member, Harold Comfort.

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The evening featured dinner, a silent auction and yes....even line dancing!

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This year, Bernie says the organization expanded its services to kids to sponsor a seminar on insurance, investments and the importance of saving money.