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New Junior Ranking System

Notes on District Ranking

The district has changed it’s ranking system from STAR to Points per round. In doing this, we have followed the lead of the section and also Nationals. We feel that this should better prepare our players if they do go on to play sectional tournaments or national tournaments.

We still require 3 tournaments and one win for a ranking.

Star is a head to head system and it awards points based on wins over other players. The Points per round system awards points based on how far a player gets in a tournament. There is no penalty for losing to a player as there was in star.

Level 8 tournaments are district ranking only tournaments. Level 7 points go not only toward a player’s district ranking, but also may be considered in that player’s sectional ranking. Sectional rankings are based on a player’s best 4 tournaments. It is a way for District Players to be recognized at the sectional level where it is sometimes hard to gain access to higher level tournaments.

Rankings should be published by July 1st since before that, there is really not enough data to warrant a ranking list.

If you have any questions, please email Anita Ficken at fick@aol.com or call her at 215-843-8097.