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PATD Adult Ranking Requirements

PATD Adult/Senior Ranking Requirements

The district defines adult as any player who has reached the age of nineteen (19) prior to or during the calendar year in which such player plays his/her first adult tournament. The only exception will be a player who has reached the age of sixteen (16) prior to or during the calendar year in which such player plays in his/her first adult tournament and who holds a current national ranking in the Top 50 or a current sectional ranking in the Top 10.

1. Residency in the five-county Philadelphia area.

2. Age requirement met for appropriate category.

3. Current USTA membership in good standing at December 31.

4. Adults, Seniors (35-and-over): Two (2) district events in each category in which the player wishes to be considered; one (1) win required.

5. If a player defaults in any tournament, that event will not count toward the minimum requirements. Defaults and retirements will be considered losses.

6. Head-to-head scores will be considered where records are even.

7. An “Insufficient Data” category will be used for outstanding records in which the minimum requirements have not been met.

8. USTA national tournaments and intersectional team events will not count as one of the required events for a district ranking. These events will count toward a USTA national ranking.

9. When two (2) district players (or doubles teams) meet at a national or sectional tournament played within the district, this head-to-head match will be counted as part of their record for district ranking. However, this will not count as one of the two (2) minimum required tournaments.

10. Players representing the district in interdistrict competition must have residency in the five-county Philadelphia area and their USTA memberships card must show that residency.

11. If a player competes for a non-district team in interdistrict competition, he or she then forfeits the right to be ranked in the Philadelphia district.

12. Philadelphia district adult rankings will be derived from USTA.MS rankings.