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Summer Message from the President

With the summer months approaching, it’s natural to think about how great summer vacation was when we were kids. Looking back from an adult perspective, we can remember that our excitement was not only because of freedom from school, but also the freedom to do activities we loved. For both adults and children, the GPTA aims to contribute to an old-fashioned summer vacation.

Whether through clinics, league play, team tennis, the Pottstown Classic, or the US Open trip, the GPTA gives us “freedom to do” fun stuff. A child who learns the lifetime sport of tennis will be richer for it his/her whole life. An adult who leaves the office to play in a league match or tournament gets to re-kindle some of the excitement of childhood.

Moreover, whatever GPTA activity tickles your fancy this summer, please take advantage of the opportunities for fellowship and socializing that are built into the events. Tennis, like everything else in life, is more fun when done with friends.

By Co-President Karl Miran