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Tips for Using Tennis Link

Using the Internet for TennisLink

To join the USTA, renew your membership or register for a team, go to www.middlestates.usta.com. Point your mouse to the menu on the left; choose TennisLink. When the TennisLink page displays, choose from the list on the right:

1. Join the USTA or 2. Renew Membership and/or 3. Register for a team

(If you do not have a computer rating, you will be prompted to self rate when you begin team registration. A box will display next to your USTA #. Choose your self rating carefully.)

To report a league score, go to the TennisLink website as noted above: enter your USTA # in the box on the right under the heading of "Captains and Coordinators." A new page will display with a space for your e-mail address. If you have an e-mail address, enter it. After the first time it will be captured. Then hit “continue.” Choose "Record a score" under the heading of "League Players" on the right. If someone other than the captain is reporting the score, go directly to "record a score" on the right. It will ask for the USTA # of the person reporting the score. Anyone who is a team member can report a score.

Before reporting your league score, be sure you comply with the following:

1. All courts must have finished their individual matches

2. You must have the match number

3. You must be a member of either of the two teams who played the match. It does not have to be the captain. However, once a member from one team reports the match, only someone from the other team can go to "score entry" for that match. (Coordinators may enter the “scorecard” to fix disputed matches.)

Score Reporting

1. Choose “Record a score” from the menu at right.

2. Enter the match number in the blank

3. When the two teams appear, choose “next” if they are the right teams or “re-enter” if they are not and enter the correct match number.

4. The scorecard will display. Enter the "date played" in the box so named. Put your cursor in the box for the first court to be reported. A list of players will appear. Choose the correct player/s.

5. Fill in the radio button for the winner.

6. Fill in the score in the blanks at the right. Be sure to report the score from the winner’s point of view.

7. Be sure the “Match Status” displays the correct information. It defaults to “Completed." Timed Matches is an option but it will not accept all shortened scores. Choose "retired" if "Timed Matches" does not work. If a match is defaulted, change the “Match Status” to “default.” The names of the losing team do not need to be entered -- only those of the winning team. If a match tiebreak is played instead of a 3rd set, choose "timed match" for "Match Status."

8. At the bottom of the scorecard, choose “next.” If all of the information has been correctly entered, the completed scorecard will appear for your review. If you are satisfied with the entries, choose “finish” from the bottom of the screen. If you are not satisfied, choose “re-enter.” Be sure to check that the correct winner is chosen and that the scores are entered correctly.

9. If you entered a score using an incorrect format, you will get a message requiring you to go back and make corrections. Always be sure to choose “finish” before exiting scorecard entry.

10. If you are the opposing captain, follow the above steps 1-3. The completed scorecard will display. You must choose “confirm” or “dispute” at the bottom of the screen and exit “scorecard.” If you confirm, your work is done. If you “dispute,” call coordinator to report the dispute. Coordinators can fix errors in scorecard reporting. Matches will be automatically confirmed after 48 hours.

Do not enter “Score Entry” unless you are actually reporting scores. To view a “Completed Scorecard”, go to Leagues Home Page.” On the left enter the Match # in the box indicated and hit "go."

To get information on other teams or players, go to the TennisLink website enter whatever information you have in the boxes provided; for example, player's name, match number, player's USTA #, team number, or team name or choose "Leagues Advanced Search."