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Become a frequent player in 2014!

January 29, 2014 05:19 PM

Become a frequent player in 2014!

The tennis industry is on a mission- create 10 million “frequent” players by 2020.  And you could start in 2014 by becoming a frequent player and playing at least 21 times a year!  Here are some ways:

     -     Find a partner to play with.  At the basic level, this is the best way to play!  Grab a friend to play!  Or a loved one!  Or a parent!  Or a son or daughter or grandchild!  There are public courts ALL OVER the Philadelphia area waiting for you to play on them.  And all you need is 2 racquets and a few balls!  Still can’t find somebody.  Check this website out: http://www.letsplaytennis.com/Philadelphia-PA/. 

     -     Find a program to play in.  The Philadelphia area has a local tennis programs within 5 miles of everybody.  Are you a member at a swim club with tennis courts?  There’s a good chance there’s a program for you? Do you live in a township with a tennis program?  If not, try the local tennis club or another program in the area.  And remember, tennis is a sport for all ages and there are a lot of opportunities for kids as well.

     -     Find a team to play on.  Once you’re ready to compete, you can play on a team.  This could be an interclub team if you play at a club.  Or the USTA has teams for all ages. There are USTA Jr. Team Tennis teams for kids, and adult leagues for adults.  There are also senior USTA leagues for those players a little bit older. 

     -     Play in a Flex League.  The USTA has USTA Flex Leagues, but there are also other leagues that you can play in, even at a local club or park.

     -     Play in a tournament.  Want to really get competitive?  Play in a tournament.  This could range from a local tournament at a park or club, or a USTA Sanctioned event. 


Get out there and play this year!