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"Camden Day" at Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis & Education Center

May 15, 2012 02:32 PM
Camden Day at AAYTE
"Camden Day" was held on April 19, 2012 at the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education Center.  Over 100 kids participated in the tennis and educational activities. 
John McGinty, a member of the PATD Diversity Committee and Director of Education and Camden initiatives, was the driving force behind this event. Once the students arrived, Lance Lee, Vice President of Tennis and National Partnerships at AAYTE and PATD Board Member,  directed the activities.   This was for many of the young people, their first experience with the game of tennis.   The large group was extremely well behaved and eager to learn!  By the end of the day many of them had a firm grasp on the basics.   When the group was asked "Who had fun today and wants to play tennis again", all hands were raised!    After 2.5 hours on court, the students were given lunch and broke off into different groups throughout the center to participate in life skills and character building exercises. A brief history of the AAYTE center was given and more importantly, a discussion about who Arthur Ashe was and what he meant to the tennis community and the worldwide community.

Since it was so much fun for the kids and the teachers were so pleased, a second "Camden Day"  has already been scheduled for the second week in July.
Exposing those who would not normally have the opportunity to play the game of tennis is the goal of programs like this. The PATD Diversity Committee will continue to find ways to break thru in non traditional playing tennis communities in order to grow, strengthen, and diversify this wonderful game.