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Halloween and Tennis: A Perfect Match

October 25, 2012 09:44 PM
Halloween and Tennis: A Perfect Match
Are you a tennis fanatic, but can’t figure out how to include your favorite sport in Halloween activities? 
Here are a few suggestions:
1.       Costumes- Of course, you could dress up as a tennis player. Afterall, you already have the costume. But what about other options? How about being a giant tennis ball? You’ve seen people be pumpkins, so being a tennis ball should be just as easy. Even better, you could be a tennis court using posterboard!
2.       Tennis Treats- Away with the candy! How about giving out tennis balls? Even picking up some QuickStart Tennis balls me be a great way to get kids in the game.
3.       Tennis Costume Party- Are you a tennis pro or organizier? Spruce it up by making it a tennis costume party! What better round robin then having a witch and a vampire playing against Snow White and a Gumball machine!
4.       Tennis Carvings- Yes, you could carve your normal jack-o-lantern face, but there are many options with tennis. Such tennis racquets or balls, or the Rafa or Federer logo!
        5.    Decorations- Take your used tennis balls and paint them to look like anything like eyeballs or pumpkins! 
There are a wide variety of things you can do. Happy Halloween!