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How to include Tennis in this Holiday Season!

December 9, 2012 07:38 PM
So you’re a tennis fanatic, and you want to include your favorite sport in the upcoming holidays? What should you do? Here are some ideas:
-Gifts. Whether you ask for them or give them to others, there are a ton of tennis gifts out there. A traditional gift idea like a racquet or bag are always good. You can also never have enough cans of tennis balls. For the high-spenders, how about a ball-machine? Then there’s jewelry, books, and so on! And if you’re still stuck, just type “tennis gift ideas” into a search engine!
-Decorations. These have gotten more and more common in the tennis world. Every ornament shop has tennis tree ornaments and there are a wide variety of tennis Santa decorations as well. How about sending out tennis themed Holiday Cards?
-Resolutions. Talk with a Tennis Professional on what you should improve for 2013. Want to get that slice backhand you always wanted? How about using a continental grip on serves? Just make sure to follow through with it!
-Parties/Events. If you’re having a holiday party, why not make it a tennis theme? Or if you’re having a tennis party, you can make it a holiday theme! One popular party is a Tennis Yankee Swap Round Robin. Everybody brings a gift and plays in a traditional round robin. Then you do a Yankee Swap Gift Exchange, and the order starts with the person who wins the least games to the person that wins the most!
 Here’s hoping everybody has a Wonderful Holiday Season!