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Legacy Youth Tennis and Education held the 1st Annual ATA Urban Invitational!

March 5, 2013 10:31 PM
1st Annual ATA Urban Invitational
Legacy Youth Tennis and Education recently held the first annual ATA Urban Invitational. There was representation from New York (Harlem Junior Tennis and Education), Boston (Sportsmen’s Tennis and Enrichment), Washington D.C. (individuals from the area) and Philadelphia (Legacy Youth Tennis and Education). Headed up by Lance Lee from Legacy, the event was a major success.
There were 2 parts of focus for the Invitational. One of course was match play which was team based and used a WTT format. This provided great opportunities for players to play against others from across the northeast.
The other part was panel discussions that focused on networking and relationship building. Lee says,  “The young people were actively engaged and asked extremely poignant questions. I actually had to stop taking questions from the kids because the talk had run over the allotted time. For the young people to see four successful African Americans, none of whom were successful based on their athletic prowess, was something that I believe they greatly appreciated.”
All participants also got a chance to sight-see in Philadelphia, running up the Art Museum steps, going to Dave and Buster’s and eating Philly Cheesesteaks.
If there was ever a question of whether there was still a place for the ATA in today's tennis world, this event answered that question; the answer is a resounding yes!” says Lee after the event ended.
We wish them the best for a follow up event next year!
Everyone enjoyed running up the Art Museum steps like Rocky!