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PATD College Scholarship Application

March 14, 2014 12:52 PM

PATD 2014 College Scholarship Application Deadline is April 10, 2014


PATD has released the 2014 College Scholarship Application.


Each year PATD awards scholarships to High School Seniors who continue to play tennis in college and are from the Philadelphia Area Tennis District and have not received any other tennis scholarship or grant in aid.    This year 3 scholarships will be awarded.

For complete rules and application requirements, please refer to the 2014 PATD College Scholarship Application.

Please note: all items of the application must be completed including providing a picture.  If any applications are incomplete (i.e. missing pictures, essay, or recommendations, etc.) the application will not be considered.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Here is the 2014 PATD College Scholarship Application and Rules.