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PATD honors Award Winners at Annual Brunch

April 1, 2016 10:00 PM

PATD Award Winners of the Year for 2015


Each year PATD honors those who have unselfishly "served" the sport of tennis. Also honored are the #1 ranked players in the District for Juniors and Adults.  This years' Award Brunch was held at Green Valley Country Club on March 6, 2016.

Here are the PATD Award Winners for 2015:

High School Coach of Year:  Sally Moore, Masterman 

College Coach of the Year:  Tina Tharpe, West Chester University

Commercial Organization of the Year: Gulph Mills Tennis

Non Commercial Organization of the Year: Bux Mont  Womens’ Tennis League

CTA of the Year: Philadelphia Liberty Tennis Association

Family of the Year:  The Fernando Perez Family

Pro of the Year:  Josh Cohen

Volunteer of the Year: Brian Hamilton

Junior Volunteers of the Year: Sarah Cammarota, Julia Friedenberg,Iswarya Vel, Pavani Samala

League Captains of Year: Hedy Kurland, Tom James

Tournament Director of the Year: Rose Weinstein

Website of the Year:  Jarrett Chirico www.chiricocohen.com

Jonathan Rosado Memorial Award:  Mr & Mrs Rosado

Senior Service Award: Becky Desmond

Distinguished Service Award: Reggie Day

Presidential Service Award: Ann Koger


Here are the #1 Ranked Players in PATD for 2015!

                      Girls #1 Ranking:                      Boys #1 Ranking:

                         12 Samantha Zimner                     12  David Mamalat

                       14 Cassidy Landau                       14 Justin Minerva

                       16 Renee Repella                         1​6 Joshua Victor

                       18 Natalie Danze                          18 Justin Minerva


Women’s Singles

      Open Singles  Julia Cohen

      45 Singles   Aino Soderhielm     

      55 Singles  Nancy Plum

Women's Doubles

   55 Doubles  Constance Foreman & Michelle Avery

Men’s Singles:                                        Men's Doubles: 

     Open Singles,        Punch Maleka                 Open: Ed Whinney, Carl Pierce

                                Christopher A. Racz                     Joshua Schofield, Eric Yen                               

      35 Singles,            Andrew Bauer                 45 Doubles: Timothy Pope, Leroy Waller           

      40 Singles,            Richard Cohen

      45 Singles,            James Boettcher             55 Doubles: Timothy Pope, Don Ringgold

      50 Singles,            Richard King                                        ​                  

      55 Singles,            Ken Harmon                     Mixed Doubles:

      60 Singles,            Don Ringgold                    Open:  Rachel Lebiedzinski & Rich Willis

      65 Singles,            Michael B. Torrence

      70 Singles,            Norman Neurell

      75 Singles,            Andy Yates

      80 Singles,            Dan Landis

     NTRP:  Men’s NTRP 4.0:  Paul A. Edwards

                  Men's NTRP 4.5:  Wenjue Liu

                  Women's NTRP 4.0: Aino Soderhielm