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Philadelphia Area Courts Covered by Snow!

March 10, 2014 10:26 AM
Philadelphia Area Courts Covered by Snow!
Each winter brings snow to the area.  Sometimes it’s a dusting or a few inches for the season.  Other times, we’ll get several feet.  Either way, the end of February usually greets us with weather warm enough to melt the snow off the tennis courts, allowing us to get back out there in March.  That is, every year but this one.
Much of the Philadelphia area is still covered in snow due to the fact that it’s not warm enough to melt!  And you would think tennis courts would be the first thing to get cleared due to cracks in hard courts and a usually warm surface.  But even this year, the arctic blast has kept us from being on the courts.  “I’m chomping at the bit to get out and play, but I can’t do anything with this snow!!” says Julie Watson from West Chester.  Julie usually gets out and plays regularly once March starts at the local courts in East Goshen.
And it’s not just the recreational player, programs are being hurt as well.  High Schools across the area are starting their boys tennis season and beginning tryouts.  The only issue is that unless the courts are clear, it has to be inside.  Unless teams can get indoor time at a local racquet club, this usually means inside a gymnasium.  Downingtown East High School’s boys team has been practicing inside a gym for the whole first week, gearing up for the season.  Some high schools are rumored to take off this week altogether and wait until next week, which is tough considering most teams start matches the week of March 17th.
Other programs impacted- USTA Jr. Team Tennis and USTA Flex Leagues.  Both have league seasons that start in March.  Bob McDermott, a Flex League player, says “I’ve been really looking forward to this year and I can’t play a match with snow all over the courts!”
Some question whether it can be shoveled, and the answer is SORT OF.  Expert shoveler Herman Shuster tells us that it can hurt the courts.  “If you use a metal shovel, you can really hurt the courts and scratch them.  You have to use plastic and that’s if you don’t have any ice underneath.”
So until it warms up, it looks like we’ll all be stuck inside for the season....