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Philadelphia Dominates Adult USTA Sectional Championships

September 20, 2011 04:11 PM
2.5 Women Kinetix Slice Girls Captain Gail Pergine
3.0 Women Kinetix Smart Aces Captain Denise Hartzell Leggin
3.5 Women Tennis Addiction Captain, Lynne May
4.0 Women Netsurfers Captain Heather Virgulti
Philly’s Adult USTA teams swept the Sectional Championship title events in New Jersey this summer.
The strength and depth of our USTA team rosters helped propel seven adult Philly teams to the Sectional Championship titles this summer.
These teams will now advance to the National Competitions on the west coast this fall.
 Of course, USTA MS PATD is proud to support these teams in their quest for the National title.
Meet the 2011 PATD Adult Sectional Champions:
PATD Women
2.5 Kinetix Slice Girls
Captain, Gail Pergine
3.0 Kinetix Smart Aces
Captain, Desnie Hartzell Leggin
3.5 Tennis Addiction
Captain, Lynne May
4.0 Netsurfers
Captain, Heather Virgulti
5.0 Leasure
Captain, Joanne Leasure
(not shown: 5.0 PATD Women   Captain, Joanne Leasure)


3.0 Core Creek
Captain, James Patrick Bannon
3.0 Men Core Creek Captain James Patrick Bannon   
5.0 Men Ambler
Captain, Arland Hotchkiss
5.0 Men Ambler, Captain Arland Hotchkiss